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Mirabelle And The Rainy Day

Mirabelle And The Rainy Day:

Thanks to all our amazing fans and friends, Mirabelle's newest book "Mirabelle And The Rainy Day" was published in the Fall of 2018. We launched an amazingly successful campaign to bring this new Mirabelle Adventure to our fans.

"OH NO, Rain!" says Mr. Muller. "Mirabelle, whatever will we do?" Everybody loves Mirabelle, and now that plucky little Boston Terrier has a brand new story about how she and Mr. Muller enjoy a very rainy day! Join Mirabelle and her owner, Mr. Muller, as they spend the day inside doing all the fun things you can imagine to do on a wet afternoon. Come along on this cozy adventure because everyone knows, "Every day's an adventure with Mirabelle!"

6" x 6" new look with glossy cover board book.

price: $10.95

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