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Welcome to The Adventures of Mirabelle

Mirabelle is thrilled to continue to share her adventures in a series of three Happy Dog Adventure children’s books to be published by Workman Publishing. This new early reader series includes Mirabelle and the Bouncy Red Ball, Mirabelle and the Butterfly, and Mirabelle Goes for a Walk.

The Adventures of Mirabelle had humble beginnings with the opening of Detail Gallery in April of 2006 by the creative team of Michael Muller and Tom Boeke. The art gallery and home décor store in Rehoboth Beach, DE reflected their design aesthetic, bringing in artistic elements and touches that focused on the “details” to create and shape the home environment. The gallery affirmed that great art and great design should be found in our homes, in our everyday objects, and be part of our everyday lives.

When Mirabelle, our lovable Boston Terrier, joined the Detail family on Christmas 2006, she became an instant hit with the customers. Says Michael, “Being an artist with a cute and somewhat willing subject I started to explore the idea of featuring Mirabelle in our marketing campaigns. We have always felt the importance of animals in our lives and how they enrich us. Mirabelle embodied the joy and positive energy of our business, and became the recognizable marketing brand for the gallery.” Our customers wanted to take a piece of Mirabelle home with them, so she became the inspiration for a line of greeting cards and prints, and “The Adventures of Mirabelle” was born!

Mirabelle is a symbol of believing in yourself. She knows the power of doing what you love and the adventure it can take you on. This one small dog captured the hearts of hundreds of strangers who grew over time to be loyal customers and true friends. Mirabelle inspired the development of a variety of additional products, including plushies, children’s pull toys, garden ornaments and skateboard designs.

In 2010, Detail Gallery was closed and our business shifted to developing a wholesale line of greeting cards featuring Mirabelle’s image and highlighting her joy, mischievousness, and loving the simple pleasures in life. Multiple retail stores began selling our greeting cards as her fan base grew. We knew that Mirabelle had the potential to reach an even larger audience.

In May 2011, the Adventures of Mirabelle greeting card line was officially launched at the National Stationery Show in NYC. The line represents snapshots from Mirabelle’s adventurous journeys and her everyday life. We were back in The Big Apple in May 2012 for our second National Stationery Show, and we continue to spread Mirabelle's love.

In the summer of 2015, the most recent addition to her line of wonderful merchandise was launched...her lovable and huggable Mirabelle Plush Toy.

Mirabelle has many fans, including over 3000 Facebook friends, who are clamoring for more. The future is bright for this one small dog!

And so we ask...What does your dog do when you're away? Mine goes on adventures!

Michael, Tom and of course Mirabelle

Mirabelle...who can resist?
Tom (Big Mirabelle), Michael, and the real Mirabelle marching in the Sea Witch Festival Parade in Rehoboth Beach, DE on Halloween 2012!