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We are so proud of our Wholesale line of Mirabelle signature merchandise. You will find images of all our products we offer wholesale to retail stores on our Greeting Card and Merchandise pages. The wholesale merchandise we sell to our Retail Partners include:

* Our entire line of Mirabelle Greeting Cards from any of the collections
* Mirabelle Plush Toy
* Mirabelle Adult, Kids and Toddlers T-Shirts
* Our SUPER CUTE Mirabelle Onesie
* Mirabelle Yacht Red Canvas Tote
* Mirabelle LICK Lip Balm
* Mirabelle Yellow Canvas Tote
* Mirabelle "Bounce" Black Canvas Tote
* Mirabelle Holiday Ornaments

We add new merchandise frequently, so check back with us on a regular basis.

The Mirabelle Happy Dog Adventure Book Series is sold directly through Workman Publishing. These titles include:

* Mirabelle and the Bouncy Red Ball
* Mirabelle and the Butterfly
* Mirabelle Goes for a Walk

If you are a retail store and interested in contacting Workman Publishing, please follow the link to find out more information about ordering the books.

Workman Publishing

If you are a retail store and interested in carrying any of the Mirabelle signature merchandise, please email us at info@theadventuresofmirabelle.com, or call us toll free at 877-MIRADOG.

Thank you for your interest!

Michael, Tom and of course Mirabelle