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The Really BIG Mirabelle Art Show

The Really BIG Mirabelle Art Show:

The Really BIG Mirabelle Art Show was inspired by our mascot Mirabelle. She knows what a lucky dog she is and also knows there are other animals in the world that don't have the wonderful family and support that she has.

Mirabelle is all about giving back in the world so we invited our great collection of artists to be inspired by this little beloved dog. Each artist was asked to do their own amazing interpretation of Mirabelle.

Our first Really BIG Mirabelle Art Show event was done on July 4, 2009 at our art gallery in Rehoboth Beach, DE, and we had a fantastic time (as did the many Boston Terriers who came out for the show!) A portion of the proceeds from our first show went to the Delaware Humane Association.

This is artwork from our second year of the Really BIG Mirabelle Art Show, which was done online.