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Mirabelle and Mr. Muller Greeting Cards

Mirabelle and Mr. Muller Greeting Cards:

Our most popular new design series are the Mirabelle and Mr. Muller greeting cards. The characters of these playful, sweet and fun-loving cards are from an upcoming children’s book series written and illustrated by Michael and to be published in the Fall of 2012 by Workman Publishing. We are thrilled to offer these new cards in the categories of LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and BIRTHDAYS. Each design highlights the special bond between these two friends, and has a brief but catchy tag line on the inside.

Click on the images below to view the full line of Mirabelle and Mr. Muller greeting cards...we promise you'll fall in love with them!

All our great Mirabelle and Mr. Muller designs are available as a single card, a box of 10 cards or a 5" x 7" print matted to a frameable 8" x 10". Three great ways to enjoy Mirabelle everyday!

Our box set of 10 cards comes in an eco-friendly, recycled red paper box. 10 cards and 10 matching envelopes.

Every day's an adventure with Mirabelle!