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Mirabelle "LICK" Lip Balm:

It's Back!!! This has always been one of our fan favorites and we have been working very hard to find just the right new LICK Lip Balm to bring it back. Well, we found it!

This well-rounded lip balm is in the shape of Mirabelle's favorite toy, her bouncy red ball! The Twist open round container contains 0.2 oz.of lickable fun with a SPF of 15. The lip balm is unscented, Paraben free and FDA approved. This cute container is sure to make you smile every time you use it and you see her little leaping figure.

Remember a portion of the sale of Mirabelle products go to charities that help animals have a better and safer life. So try some on and we know you will be smiling. The Lip Balm is for people although Mirabelle endorses it wholeheartedly. She loves to try to lick it off so it must be good...:)

price: $4.50

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